Ready to revamp your self-care routine?

Does this sounds like you?

You are ready to kick off fall with a solid self-care plan?

You are not sure where to start?

You are wondering if your current self-care plan is sustainable?

You are ready to create a dynamic self-care plan that works?

All you need is one afternoon to start feeling...

CONNECTED to your self-care plan.

HAPPY to give yourself love and compassion.

MOTIVATED to take the time to nurture your needs.

EXCITED to take care of yourself without guilt or shame.

CLARITY as to what your daily wellness needs are.


Every lesson will provide education on various wellness topics. Each lesson will help provide motivation and accountability on your journey.

Wellness Worksheets

To take the wellness to a deeper level, each lesson has reflection questions and worksheets to optimize your self-care.

Inspired Actions

To allow integration of the topic, every lesson will have inspired actions aimed to inspire you to do something daily for your wellness.

Start Your Self-Care Journey Today

About The Creator!

Alyssa Cotten is an Alaska-based Licensed Professional Counselor and Chemical Dependency Counselor specializing in therapy for both individuals and couples struggling with anxiety, PTSD, co-dependency, dual diagnosis, addiction and other areas. I am trained in EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems and Complex Trauma with Dissociation. In addition to my work as a private practitioner, I am contributing to the movement of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health with my own self-wellness YouTube channel. When I am not seeing clients or working on my YouTube channel, I enjoy traveling and hiking with friends and family.